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CSTE provides a wide range of psychosocial services to support those affected by an emergency or disaster.
Practical Support

In the aftermath of an emergency, there are often investigations and procedures which may be unfamiliar to those people affected. Add in to this intense and sometimes overwhelming emotions, and it is easy to see why people can become confused and stressed following an emergency.


This is where CSTE comes in. CSTE Volunteers are specially trained to provide both practical and emotional support to people who have been affected by an emergency or disaster and help them through what can be an extremely difficult period in their life.



Crisis support workers can offer practical support by explaining the processes and procedures involved of the emergency services, legal services and other responding organisations; providing information that will enable individuals to realise options from which they can make informed choices helping them feel more in control at a time when they may feel vulnerable and helpless. 


Crisis Support Workers can also provide information about national and local community support services and assist with the various types of forms and paperwork that may need to be completed.


Practical support can also involve arranging access to telephones, arranging refreshments, providing local information; arranging transport and practical problem solving.

Emotional Support

Providing timely, appropriate emotional support can alleviate some of the stressful effects on people which may prevent them from developing longer term stress related problems and illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and physical illnesses.


Crisis Support Workers can listen to peoples' thoughts and feelings and help explain that the emotions they are feeling are a normal reaction to a stressful situation.  They can help families of those affected gain knowledge about what normal physical and emotional reactions to trauma and loss are and how they can support their loved ones. 


NOTE: Crisis Support Workers are NOT counsellors.



CSTE have a number of leaflets that provide advice on how to cope following an emergency or disaster. The series of leaflets titled "Coping with Crisis" can be downloaded from here.


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