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The Crisis Support Team for Essex has been helping people affected by emergencies for over 20 years.

Crisis Support Team for Essex (CSTE) is a support service for people affected by emergencies within Essex, or residents of Essex affected by an emergency that occurs in another area of the UK or abroad.


CSTE was set up in 2004 on the back of recommendations from previous emergencies, as well as the introduction of the Civil Contingencies Act, to provide timely and appropriate psychosocial support to persons and their families who have been affected by emergencies. By providing this support CSTE hope to reduce the negative longer term impacts that traumatic situations can cause, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other stress related illnesses.


The Crisis Support Team for Essex is owned by Essex County Council's  (ECC) Adult Social Care in partnership with Children & Families function.  


CSTE can provide a wide-range of psychosocial support services to assist survivors and families  who have been involved with, or are affected by, an emergency. These services include: immediate practical support, emotional support, telephone helpline and support for bereaved families. Further information about the services offered by the capability can be found on the Services page.


Together with the emergency services, the voluntary sector and other responders, the Crisis Support Team for Essex helps to provide a seamless joined up multi-agency response to support the wellbeing of people affected by an emergency.


Over the past 20 years Crisis Support Workers, alongside other responders, have provided psychosocial support following a number of incidents including:


  • July 7th Bombings -2005 - support to people affected from Essex.

  • Lebanese Evacuations - 2006 - support for Rest Centre.

  • Gas Explosion - Clacton - 2013 - support for Rest Centre.

  • East Coast Tidal Surge - 2013 - support for Rest Centre.

  • School Bus Crash - Epping - 2015 - support to students & staff.

  • Nepalese Earthquake - 2015 - repatriation of British Citizens to the UK.

  • Return of people from Ukraine - 2022





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